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Network Security Jobs

Network security jobs involve the use of different analysis techniques and software programs to prevent and to address security threats before they cause any damage, be it to the information present on the network or to the hardware system – network security specialists are highly computer literate people who have the necessary experience to monitor wireless and virtual networks in order to ensure their integrity.

In addition to ensuring the proper functioning of networks and preventing security threats, network security specialists also maintain and update service software, they install patches and add-ons that increase the security and they make sure that everything works according to plan.

Why Opt For Network Security Jobs?

Internet securityOver the past several years, the job outlook has increased by over a quarter in this sector, and tens of thousands of positions are available in the field, with more positions coming in the next years. Generally speaking, almost any position in the IT industry has an outstanding job prospect, given the fact that we live in the technology era where IT professionals are very sought-after, especially if they have a solid background in network security and system maintenance.

When it comes to network security jobs, it must be said that there are several different areas that need to be addressed, and it often happens that one specialist is not enough to cover all of them: there are IT security specialists which address security breaches, information security specialists which keep the valuable information safe and sound, infrastructure IT professionals, technical support professionals which deal with software and hardware components of systems and so on.

How To Become A Network Security Professional?

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The vast majority of network security jobs are taken by those who hold a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, as this is a field that does require complete graduate work – a very small percent of those who work in the field have managed to get their job due to their outstanding track record and solid practical experience in the IT industry. In addition to Bachelor’s Degrees, those who want to improve their skills even more can opt for upper-level credentials and certifications that last up to five years and give specialists all the tools they need to operate in the data and network security field.

Average Salary Of A Network Security Professional

It is a known fact that IT professionals are very well-paid, especially those from higher positions – on average, a network security professional can earn around $80,000-$90,000 a year, and the salary can be increased depending on the training, education, experience and location – in some cases, it is not uncommon for such a specialist to earn over $100, 000 a year. In spite of the big salary differences due to geographical position, the living costs vary as well from one region of the United States to another, therefore the differences themselves are not significant.

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